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Learn To Dive

To learn diving and to increase a diver's skill and knowledge is much easier than you might think - it's pure fun! Here you will find a brief overview of courses from beginner up to scuba specialty courses. 


If you're not sure if a course is for you, take our Discover Scuba Diving (Try Dive) experience. If you enjoy it (and we're sure you will) you can credit this towards your Open Water Diver course.

We offer both PADI and SSI courses to your benefit. We will be happy to help you decide which is best for you and your learning style

Simply read more to learn more about our exciting scuba diving courses. 

Discover Scuba/ Try Dive - 1 Day

Discover Scuba gives the opportunity to experience the underwater world. Under the careful supervision of a PADI Instructor, participants actually go on a scuba dive in shallow, calm water.

Open Water Course - 4 Days

Five easy steps in the classroom and the pool will prepare you for a fun loaded approach to the beautiful underwater world. The Open Water Course includes 4 open water dives under the guidance of our experienced Instructors. After certification, you are enabled to dive all around the world.

Advanced Diver - 2 or 3 Days

Even more fun is waiting for you after achieving the status of an open water diver - The  Advanced Course: Five action and fun loaded dives which pump up your skills and knowledge by simply having fun.

Rescue Diver - 3 or 4 Days

There's even more. Stress & Rescue Diver is a unique course that not only provides the skills to make you a safe diver and a better dive buddy, but it's also basic for anyone thinking of becoming a diving professional.

This engrossing program teaches you to focus on other divers, as well as yourself, and shows you how to recognize and prevent a diving accident before it occurs, and how to respond if one does. Although the subject matter is serious, the course is both intensely rewarding and enjoyable.





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