Jack Similan - Camping


Stay overnight at one of the most beautiful places on Earth. 


There are several options for staying over night on the Similans. The most common, and cheapest way is to stay in one of the tents supplied by the Similan National Park. You can also stay in Bungalows and on our boat.

You will need to provide blanket and all that, but otherwise they are a good safe way to stay overnight on the Similan Islands.

You may stay on Island #4 (Park Headquarters), Island #8
 and NEW this year, you may also stay on Koh Tachai (more details later) .

There is a restaurant at each campground, as well as showers and bathrooms. All facilites are basic, but you didn't come camping for the luxury?

You may choose from guided overnight camping or just join us for a day of snorkeling and then spend a day or two exploring the islands. 

If you are interested and would like to find out more...please overnight camping

 You will also find that the Similan Islands are a great place to learning to dive. Ask us how!





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