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Spend the night in a Similan Island Bungalow 


There are currently only bungalows available on Similan Island #4, which is the headquarters of the National Park. There are two kinds of bungalows, the expensive view bungalows and the more pedestrian ones with shared bathrooms. 



For the discerning traveler we might recommend staying on the mainland and only visiting for the day. The bungalows are simple and offer basic amenities. The Air-con bungalows do offer a very nice view of the Similan Sunsets. 


For the diver, staying on the boats or the mainland is a better choice. 


There are facilities on Island #4. A restaurant serves food until 21:00. The area bathrooms with showers available all night. Most nights the generators are turned off at 22:00. There is a gift shop with simple souvenirs and a small reading room attached. 

Currently the bungalows are 2000 Baht a night for the "luxury" and 100 baht a night for the fan cooled bungalows.


Now to book these bungalows you have two choices....with Khao Lak Life (they do charge a booking fee) or you can try to do it directly with the National Park. It is not the easiest process, bordering on insane. If you book with us, we actually just drive down to the mainland headquarters and do it in person (thus the fee).

Below is the qoute and links to the government website....

"Booking can be arranged through telephone booking at +66 2562 0760. Reservation can be made 60 days in advance. Payment at Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, needs to be done within 2 days after the reservation is being made.

Foreign clients who perform online accommodation booking from outside Thailand must transfer the accommodation fee to Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited, account number 039-6-02816-0.

It is important to e-mail the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department to reserve@dnp.go.th with the following information : 1) Booking Code. 2) Name of National Park that has been booked. and 3) Name of booking person as shown in the booking information.

This is a bit more detailed website about bookings.

This is something of a master website for doing the bookigns


If that fails, or drives you mad - you can still contact Khao Lak Life





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