Jack Similan - Accommodation


Staying on the Similan Islands


Join us in Paradise!

There are three ways to spend the night on the Similan Islands. 



You may camp in a tent. The National Park Supplies large tents that fit Three people comfortably. These are laid in specific areas to prevent erosion or damage to the islands. You may bring your own tent and set up in these areas as well. These are on Similan Island #4 (Park Headquarters) and on Islands #8. Click Here For More Information


You may rent a bungalow from the National Park. There is currently only one location with Bungalows, but we expect the new ones to be completed soon. This in on Island #4. There are two kinds of bungalows. The freestanding ones with Air-conditioning and better views (and price tags) and the more pedestrian bungalows with shared toilets. Click Similan Island Bungalows For More Information


Our Boat 

Finally, you may stay on our platform boat. This is great for the avid diver and snorkeler. The boat slowly moves between the various spots on the Similan Islands and offers a certain amount of luxury. You may stay for one day or twenty!


When considering your options, remember to make sure you have a way there and back, and a place to stay before and after your Similan Island adventure! 




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